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What We Do

At Roger Williams University, we believe the college experience should encompass a lot more than classroom study and on-campus activities. In fact, engaging in the local community can play a major role in helping students to create post-graduation paths. Service to the community begins from the time students arrive on campus with Community Connections, RWU’s largest day of service, which sends more than 1,500 students, faculty and staff members to 40+ locations around the state and the region. From that point forward, myriad service opportunities throughout the year mean endless chances for students to connect and serve the communities in which they live.

Community Service Work Study

Students who receive federal work-study are able to earn their awards by working at non-profits in our community.  Each year, students serve at organizations such as museums, food pantries, animal sanctuaries, and other agencies that provide support to our neighbors.  These organizations benefit from long-term volunteers, at no cost, who work for a minimum of one semester and who often stay over the course of their time at RWU.  Students get real-world work experience, often in their area of academic study.  They find mentors, build professional networks and develop the civic skills they will use as members of the community in the future.

For Community Partners

There is no cost-share for non-profits. The federal work study award covers the student’s hourly wage.

Job descriptions are subject to approval by the RWU Environmental Health and Safety Office.

The Standards and Procedures document in the “Community Partner Resources” section of this website outlines the policies that govern student service and compensation under the program.

All community partners must complete an Off-Campus Work Study Agreement before the student can begin working at the site.

To list an off-campus work study position, submit a job description to the Feinstein Center at

For Students

In the past, students have worked at diverse organizations in the community:

  • Food pantries
  • Schools and after-school enrichment programs
  • Environmental organizations
  • Museums
  • Public health agencies.

Non-profit organizations have all the needs of for-profit organizations and our students have provided the following:

  • Web development
  • Marketing plans
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Analytics
  • Grant writing
  • Accounting

Students must have federal or RWU work study awards to participate in the program.

The Feinstein Center lists open positions on their Hawklink page.

Students are free to source their own positions, which are subject to approval by the Feinstein Center and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

The Standards and Procedures document in the “Student Resources” section of this website outlines the policies that govern student service and compensation under the program.

To participate in the program, contact the Feinstein Center at


Voter Registration

Data collected by the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) shows that only 63.1% of registered RWU students voted in the 2016 presidential election and a mere 34.6% voted in the mid-term elections. We can do better than that!
Roger Williams University has joined the All In Challenge, a national movement to encourage college student voting.  “The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge strives for a more inclusive democracy—one in which all voices are heard. We envision a country in which the electorate mirrors our country’s makeup and college students are democratically engaged on an ongoing basis, during and between elections, and not just at the polls.”

Because RWU shares this vision, we have gathered a group of faculty, staff and students to gather resources, create programming and provide education around voting.

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